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Hope Village Namibia would love to partner with you. Please read a bit more about us below:

Hope Village is registered as a Charitable Trust (T347/05) with the Ministry of Finance and as a Welfare Organization (WO270) at Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare.

Hope Village gives loving, caring homes for abandoned and orphaned, vulnerable children infected and/or affected with HIV/Aids.  In these homes their basic needs for food, protection and accommodation are met, but also their needs for love, affection, and security.  We endeavour to help each child to reach his/her full potential educationally, psychologically, emotionally and physically.  We give them an opportunity to go to school, to do sport, to do arts and crafts.  In this way, we want to help them to grow up and become productive members of society

We have 4 houses on our property that is 4 000square meter.  Currently, there live 97 children from the age of 4 months – 22 years old.  We have a girl’s house, boy’s house, toddler house and baby house.  Each house can accommodate 24 children.  Day and night personnel (house mommies and daddies) work in each house.  2 In the girl’s house, 2 in the boy’s house, 4 in the toddler house and 7 in the baby house.

We also have a half-way house where our children, who started studying or just started working, live in.  This gives them an opportunity to qualify themselves for a job and living off the premises.

Our office building houses two offices, which accommodate the Founding Mother of the Village, The Manager of the Village and the Secretary. Currently, 64 children are enrolled in primary and secondary schools. Each morning these children are taken to school by a Village bus and picked up after school.



We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with KULEBE. From talks to charity drives
to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!

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As Hope Village is a welfare organisation and completely dependent on donations and monthly support, we also humbly ask for financial support or support in kind, which means giving us something that we specifically need. There are different options to choose from. 1. A monthly fixed amount 2. Once-off donations 3. Support a child, 4. Provide for specific needs. For more of the specific needs, please download the form on our contact page.

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Any family member, friend and supporter of Hope Village can become an Ambassador for Hope Village. To be an ambassador means that you raise awareness of the cause and the children of Hope Village in the country that you are living, that you raise funds for Hope Village. It can be something simple like getting all your family and friends to give a small monthly donation towards the children at Hope Village.

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Hope Village has a volunteer program where local and international people can volunteer to work at Hope. These volunteers provide unique and much-needed help to Hope Village. They help us with special projects, homework and just loving and giving individual attention to all the kids.

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The team here at Hope Village would love to hear from you! For fundraising, volunteering or any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.